People Pebbles


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People Pebbles
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People Pebbles
Twelve colors designed for more realistically representing skin, hair and eye color.  This collection of colors is also found within the 32 color collections.

Most crayons don't have colors appropriate for skin, hair and eyes.  And people are what little children want to draw.  So they end up using things like bright yellow or black for skin which isn't appropriate and doesn't produce the kind of art that children can be proud of.  We decided to do our best to create 12 colors that we thought could be used to represent the wide variety of skin tones present in human beings.  Naturally, we can only approximate what is essentially an infinite variety.  But our colors do a better job of letting young children draw people than most crayons. 

There is strawberry cream for light pinkish skins, honey wheat for skins with a yellow cast, coffee for dark skins, brown for lighter sun kissed skins.  There is white, silver, black, gold, brown and pumpkin spice for hair.  There is aqua, blue, coffee, and hazel for eye tones.  We threw in rose red for lipstick.  You can see the success an artist had when he drew an eye for us at the German Toy Fair!